Final Thoughts

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This trip to Wales was truly unforgettable. I am a senior in concert chorus and I’m going to college in about two months. I had a blast hanging out with Cantare and getting to know everyone on this trip! The trip was especially great for me because I had a chance to give back. I had been where they are only a few years ago! I knew how it felt to be in their place.

In 2008 when I was in Concert Chorus I had a chance to go with YPC on a trip to Austria for the World Choir Olympics. We went to Graz and Salzburg and stayed in different hotels. It was an amazing experience competing with different choirs from all around the world. All the choirs were so amazing and I met some great people that I still talk to today. This trip reminded me of Austria a lot because we were competing with different choirs from all over the world and talking to people from all around the world.

I know the feeling of winning and losing. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. The point is to try your best and work your very hardest. If you come off a stage feeling amazing then you know that no matter what you did your best and you worked hard and that’s what counts and that is what is most important. In the last competition we came off that stage feeling great, we did it. I was so proud of everyone and I felt great. I am going to miss YPC so much because it is so special to me. Being in the chorus is a life changing experience – there are so many things you learn beyond singing and I am so grateful for being a part of something so great.

– Andrea