Final High Note at the Choral Music Experience at Ithaca College!

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I had such an amazing time these past several days. The family hosting myself and my roommates were incredibly nice and cooked us delicious meals our entire stay. I can see why it is called a Choral Music Experience because everything was so, so memorable. Our days were long, but always fun. We were offered an amazing buffet lunch every day at Ithaca College and the Master classes were always educational and interactive. I never knew how much conductors can control the tone of the singers. My roommates and I had tons of fun going to waterfalls, spotting fireflies and buying “Ithaca is Gorges” tees. This was definitely an experience I won’t forget.

– Brianne, Cantare

While in Ithaca, I made so many special memories with my home-stay. At first, my roommates and I were nervous about rooming with a high school student, however, the second we saw Phoebe, we felt instantly comfortable and soon, we all became close friends. Her laid-back nature and sweet personality made the trip so much for fun and memorable. We also shared a love for Harry Potter and enjoyed playing fan related games every night. Some other highlights of our home-stay were watching “Mulan” (sing along version), enjoying delicious home cooked meals by Phoebe’s mom, Kelly, going to the park, playing twister and catching fireflies. I loved the experiences I shared with my home-stay family and I will never forget them.

– Emma, Cantare

Spending our days and nights surrounded by choral music and people who love the process of music-making is always the highlight of my trip to Ithaca for the Choral Music Experience. This is YPC’s eighth year participating in this workshop and each time we have been graciously hosted by the families of the Ithaca Children’s Choir. I am so proud of the members of YPC who worked so hard each day in demonstration rehearsals and master classes. The closing concert on Friday afternoon was unforgettable as we performed all the pieces we had lived with for the past week. I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who worked with us; Jim Papoulis, the composer in residence; Janet Galvan, who always brings a level of expertise and joy to the rehearsal process; and most of all to the singers who worked tirelessly in every situation. I cannot wait to see where the 2011-2012 season takes us!

– Elizabeth Núñez, YPC Conductor