Everybody Rejoice!

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     The YPC’s Gala is approaching! We’ve been working very hard to make this a memorable event! There have been countless hours of rehearsals and choreography with the fabulous Jacquie Bird; the small price to pay to make this 25th Anniversary Gala outstanding. Every division has been perfecting their music and their dance moves and I am certain that the audience will want to dance along with us. I am also pretty certain that every chorister has strengthened their core, and has gotten healthier thanks to the physically demanding choreography!

The rehearsals for Chorale’s classical set have been challenging however we are rising to the occasion! I am very excited to perform our Americana set, which we have taken with us to China and France, because of its repertoire and beautiful staging. It will be the American premiere of the Chorale’s Americana Set and I am very excited.

As a graduating senior this year, realizing that this will be my last gala gets me very emotional. This is my seventh year with the chorus, and I do not feel ready to let it go yet, especially knowing that I won’t get to perform in such grand productions like the gala anymore! I believe that all of the seniors will miss the gala season, although very hectic, because it tests our abilities to work so hard at school and at chorus. The gala is yet another event that we are so accustomed to and must say goodbye to. However, we know that we will cherish this performance!

 It is so exciting to be performing at Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops, Stephen Petronio, Capathia Jenkins, Kate Davis, the Antonio Ciacca Trio and with our host Renée Fleming. We can’t wait to show the audience what we’ve got in terms of musicianship and showmanship. And of course, we’ll show you that we know how to celebrate the chorus’s silver anniversary! See you there!

Rose, Concert Chorus, 17