Embracing a New Frontier

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A message from Artistic Director Francisco J. Núñez:

Over the past few weeks, it seems we have all been propelled into a new reality, and I sincerely hope you, your families, and those you love are well and safe.

Although we all have been physically distanced from each other, this has been a time of learning and reflection. It is changing us as a society, but as we face these challenges at YPC, we have been able to amass the deep intellectual knowledge of our staff to take on the many technological challenges of this new age, which will eventually be transformed into a hybrid world of the virtual with the actual.

As members of this new frontier, we at YPC have created an innovative new program that will enable us to use technology for all YPC singers. This includes not only our current roster of singers in New York City, but also our many alumni, and the children who participate in YPC National choruses in New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and the Dominican Republic.

And so, today we are launching YPConnects, a digital network that will continue to respond to our ever-evolving ways of learning, performing, and gathering together.

We know it is going to be hard, and YPConnects is our response.

We are steadfast in our founding mission. We continue to welcome any child of any cultural or economic background who loves to sing. We listen to them. We meet their needs and provide meaningful action. We reach them where they are and guide them on a path to success.

Since the middle of March, YPC has continued its regularly scheduled rehearsals via the internet, and attendance is very high. The children’s parents tell us they are so grateful that their children can look forward to a YPC rehearsal, the brightest spot of their day, the time when they can do what they love most: to sing and to connect, together.

The children need us. But to carry on, we urgently need your help. Please help support this program, especially now, when children are looking to us for inspiration, hope, and a place to be artistically and emotionally fulfilled so that we can all move forward together and provide our children with the innovative resources they deserve.