Day 3 at the Choral Music Experience at Ithaca College!

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What a beautiful sight at the Buttermilk Falls. Everyone is here and we’re having a wonderful picnic with delicious food. The only downside is that we can’t swim in the gorge. There are no lifeguards.  Its nice to see everyone having fun and hanging outside. The YPC family has extended to the ICC. We hope we can become friends and eventually pen pals with our home stays. We have come to love them and will definitely miss them. More fun awaits us.

– Victoria, Sandra, and Catherine, Cantare

I spend all year looking forward to CME. I’ve been here so many years in row I can’t even imagine a summer without it. The music is amazing, the conductors are unforgettable and the friends are forever. At most camps or summer programs you meet people and are friends with them for the time you are all there together but that is what makes CME different, the connection we all gain through our music is a much stronger bond. I remember about 6 years ago I met some amazing kids from YPC. We are all still close friends and keep in touch on a regular basis. It’s so much fun to meet kids from totally different places and still be able to get so close purely through our love of music! YPC+ICC= <3

– Anna, Ithaca Children’s Chorus

My third experience as a conducting participant at IC has brought new life to my conducting; the gesture, the study, the new friends.  But most impressive for me has been the commitment of the young students who sing for us every day.  They can’t know exactly what to expect from the next conductor who stands before them, and yet they sing and love us so graciously.

Often they will sing the same piece for 4 different conductors in the same afternoon.  For the teachers, putting ourselves out there can be very intimidating, but these students understand (they have been taught well) and show us empathy and compassion.  Thanks kids!  And now I have to say, “Please promise you will always wear your seat belts”…please.

Music educators near and far exclaim about the warmth and grace that Jim Papoulis gives through his workshops and music.  I am thrilled to have been a recipient of such openness.  He has reveled in helping this year’s participants become better teachers; there are students all over the WORLD who will directly benefit from his efforts with us for this week.  Thanks Jim.

Janet Galvan; I am forever grateful for these opportunities.  She always helps me feel as though I am in the correct field.  My training is greatly enhanced by her insight and gentle ways.  Thank you Janet.  This week has truly gotten me out of that funk.  Bless you.

– Loa Bagg Noyd, Teacher Hancock Central School in Hancock, NY

I have loved to sing since I was little, and since joining YPC I’ve had lots of fun singing with others.  This week at CME has been so much fun, and I’ve discovered even more how much hard work pays off in the end.  It is an experience like no other to be singing your heart out, surrounded by so many others doing the same!  YPC makes me really believe the message of peace and hope in all the Jim Papoulis songs we’re singing this week.

It’s been really fascinating to learn about different styles and techniques of conducting this week.  Elizabeth is always there for us when we rehearse and perform, but I’ve never thought about everything she does, in showing us tempo, dynamics, words, pitch, all at once.  Watching the student conductors work so hard to become better has given me even more appreciation for Elizabeth and all the other awesome conductors of YPC!

This experience makes me even more excited for the new challenges that will come next year with being in Concert Chorus and the Symposium in February!

– Lindsey, Cantare