Day 2 at the Choral Music Experience at Ithaca College!

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When I heard about the Ithaca trip, I was really excited, so I packed my bags as soon as I heard that I was going to go on it.  I met my home-stay family two days ago; they are a lovely couple named Jim and Jan.  Their daughter lives in Las Vegas and is a college graduate, so since she doesn’t live with them anymore.  I got the opportunity to sleep in her room; her room is really big and it has enough room to dance! I can turn on my music and sing and dance and just be myself. My roommates always say that there’s a party going on in my room every night because of how loud my music is!

Jim and Jan have a dog and a cat; both of their pets are very friendly, and they love it when you pet and play with them.  My roommates’ names are Sandra and Joan-they are extremely funny and amazing.  Everyday we play different card or board games, like “Clue,” “Monopoly,” and “Poker.” We have a lot of things in common: we all like to read books, play games, sing and dance. I am having a great time so far on the Ithaca trip-there are so many gorgeous sights to see, and many animals like deer, horses, and birds. A few days ago I went to Ithaca Falls-I was so excited because it was so pretty and you could swim near it if you wanted. It was refreshing to only be able to hear the rush of water, and not the sounds of horns blaring during the morning rush hour. There is so much that I want to explore and see, and I’m eager to see what else is out there waiting.

– Izodwa, Cantare

Guess what?!  I got to conduct “Give Us Hope” today!  I really had fun conducting the group.  The chorus was cheering for me and laughing when I conducted.  It really gave me a chance to go beyond my comfort zone.  I enjoyed it.

– Ange, Cantare

This summer’s trip to Ithaca has been one of the greatest experiences for me.  My home-stay family is the best and we’ve started to get extremely close.  Yesterday, they took me out on their motorboat and, of course, I hurt myself on the motor.  It was AWESOME!!  This is my second time at the Choral Music Experience and this time is even better than the last.  So far, the song-writing workshop with Jim Papoulis is my favorite class. I almost wish the time we spend writing a song could be longer. I’ve also become really close to my home-stay family, and the tears will definitely fall when I have to leave them on Friday.
– Bryanna, Cantare

Hi, I’m Ta’Sean and I’m rooming with Justin and Quint.  We live with Russell and there are three fun kids living in the house.  They are really taking care of us.  We cook, play games, and go out to see the waterfalls.  They are also teaching us about Ithaca’s history.  We are having a great time!

– Ta’Sean, Young Men

What a hot day!  I am at the pool trying to get a tan with my friends.  The song-writing workshop with Jim Papoulis was fun.  Janet was so energetic and fun to be conducted by. Her pointers really helped us. I really had a blast. After this we will be having a pizza party and then my roommates and I are going to the movies to see “Mr. Poppers Penguins!”
– Jordan, Cantare