Chorister Feedback from Geneva

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“Our concert in Geneva on Thursday, December 10 was truly an eye-opening experience for me. It seemed like our presence and mission really opened the minds and hearts of the audience members. When the audience came through the doors of Victoria Hall, they might have been expecting a choir of children, singing some classical songs, but they got much more out of it than that. Two women that I spoke to at the reception afterwards really put our performance into perspective for me. They asked me so many questions about the chorus, like if we all went to the same school, or came from the same part of town – and the answer for both was no.

“The women also said that they were amazed that children who had never had any musical experience can join the chorus, and learn to sing in other languages and dance in different styles from all over the world. What I learned in this this week’s trip from talking to audience members is that YPC isn’t just a chorus that sings well. Our diverse singers and repertoire combined with our relationship with each other onstage, and our relationship with the audience gives them a musical experience to remember. That response from the audience, combined with our synergy on stage that night, is what made this concert one of the best I’ve had with YPC so far.” – Christopher, Chorister