Cantare is on Stage!

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What an intro that was for Cantare! Elizabeth Nunez is conducting, and now we’re really going round the world. We begin with “Sesere Eeye,” a traditional song from the Strait Islands, followed by “Song of the Stars” — a gorgeous rendition. Now it’s “Haneirot Halalu,” a Hanukkah song, with guest flautist — the composer Jim Papoulis (who, as you know, has tons of fans around here.) Jim then takes over piano on his own song, the infinitely moving “Stand Alone,” continuing the theme of standing side by side together. Our set ends with the classics “Sleigh Ride” and “The Christmas Song.” And the holiday mood is definitely in the air! (Everybody got high fives backstage…lots of high fives…)

We have a brief intermission. More to come: Concert Chorus and Young Men, our annual awards, a few words from Francisco and Chairman Jerry Kremer, and our all-division tutti. Stay with us!