Camp Jewell is a Real Treat!

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It was fun to sleep in the cabin. I liked the campfire and the big slide. I think my favorite thing was playing soccer on the big field. The scavenger hunt was very exciting. The food was not so good, but I liked the smores!

– Nicholas, Intermezzo

Camp Jewell was a great experience for all of its participants. In my opinion, the best bonding activity that we did was the scavenger hunt. All of the older kids worked with the younger ones in order to succeed in this activity. This meant that the older kids got to help the younger ones by giving the words of inspiration and at some points carrying them when they became too tired to run! All together I think that this activity was a great chance for the older choristers to bond with the younger ones and it gave everyone a great sense of pride through their teamwork.

– Spencer, Concert Chorus

Camp Jewell gave me a chance to meet new people and make friends. We did a lot of fun activities and games, like the watermelon game. It was good to see the boys from all the divisions, instead of only the boys in my division. Overall, it was a great, fun experience.

– Ross, Cantare

It was amazing! I had so much fun there. I could not believe I was actually there in person. It was like a living dream. You can do so many things there: you can play wiffleball in the new stadium, go rock climbing, stuff yourself with s’mores over a hot campfire – you’re even allowed to take your own canoe out on the lake! And the food is great! And there’s this really cool talent show. But you have to audition for it. I auditioned to be the emcee and I made it. Being the emcee let me see all sorts of acts, and tell a few jokes in the process. For those of you who are new to the Camp Jewell experience, you are in for a real treat.

– Quentin, Intermezzo