Camp Jewell 2017 Reflections

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Written by choristers in various YPC divisions, parents, and staff

Last month, 200 YPC choristers between the ages of 7 and 17, accompanied by 50 chaperones took a bus to Colebrook, CT for the annual weekend retreat at Camp Jewell. Over the course of two days, choristers enjoyed music-making and outdoor activities such as canoeing, archery and rock climbing. Each year, this trip is a favorite amongst choristers, and serves as a great bonding experience. Through fun activities such as a talent show, bonfire with hot chocolate and s’mores, and a sunrise hike, YPC singers are given the opportunity to form new friendships, practice teamwork and gain confidence in themselves.

Here are some comments from Camp Jewell attendees:

“I met my best friend on the bus ride to Camp Jewell. – Chorister, age 9

“The most rewarding experience for me was seeing the YPC seniors genuinely helping with the chores and making sure of the younger preluders and intermezzo children were ok. I would always remember the pure bliss of all the children, especially in the talent show. Although I have volunteered on other occasions, [Camp Jewell is] definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. I now wish to volunteer every year!” – YPC Parent and Chaperone

“I will most remember when we were in our cabin up at like 1 in the morning having fun, and also the extended bonfire. Now that I’ve gone to Camp Jewell, I have more friends.” – Chorister, age 15

“As a first time staff member at Camp Jewell, all I knew is that it would be a lot of fun, and that I shouldn’t expect to get much sleep. I had no idea how impressed I would be by the kids. From the older choristers stepping up and acting as leaders for their groups, to the truly supportive atmosphere during the talent show, to seeing chorus members helping one another overcome fears of the climbing wall or canoeing for the first time, I was really moved by our young singers.”  – YPC Staff Member

“I actually made more friends and am a little more social! Camp Jewell seems to make me feel free. It means open opportunities and friendship.” – Chorister, age 13

“We work really hard, and [YPC is] not just about the singing. So here is just a fun way to express ourselves and not have to worry about the next performance or rehearsal. Just a way to have fun with each other and give us a break.” – Chorister, age 17

“What I will remember most about Camp Jewell is seeing the children happy and comfortable interacting with one another, especially at the talent show.  A lot of children of the older divisions were amazing with helping the younger children. Camp Jewell helps them feel confident about their dreams and future.” – YPC Parent and Chaperone

“It was my first Camp Jewell this year, and I had a dual role of a staff member and a parent. I cannot stop admiring how organized everyone is at YPC! Every single step of the process is well thought out and everyone knows his or her role and assignments associated with it. It is a real pleasure to be a member of this team!” – YPC Parent and Staff Member

“I thought it was going to be a lot of work and rehearsals. Like we do in regular YPC. Now I realize it’s time for us to get to know each other and have fun.” – Chorister, age 16

“I felt more outgoing.” – Chorister, age 7

“It’s all about friendship. You start out shy and by the second day you’re in one big group. Even the parents get to know a lot of kids.” – YPC Parent and Chaperone

“Camp Jewell is a bonding experience for everyone. I went to Camp Jewell my first year at YPC and I made amazing friends. That’s what Camp Jewell is all about.” – Chorister, age 12

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