Camp Jewell 2016 Reflections

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Written by Parents of Choristers in Various YPC Divisions

The first time I attended Camp Jewell with YPC last year, I did not know what to expect. Upon arrival the YPC leadership team directed everyone to lunch and immediately following that the entire group gathered to learn about the planned activities for the remainder of the weekend. The choristers were energetic and ready for 2 days of fun.  As the day progressed I was completely consumed by the energy of the staff and choristers. The children were put in a position to meet new friends while participating in activities that encouraged them to work as a team and encourage their peers.  Parent chaperones were an amazing bunch. Parents shared their experiences with YPC that really demonstrated YPC is a family that takes care of all the choristers.  It was an especially warm and bonding opportunity for all.

My second and third opportunity to attend Camp Jewell with YPC has been a memorable experience. This year seems to be one where the YPC leadership team had the perfect idea to have all the divisions together on separate boy and girl weekends. YPC gives the older choristers an opportunity to be in leadership roles while the younger choristers were being challenged to grow and develop their own team building skills. It’s been an amazing experience to see how all the children from Prelude to Young Men interact, play, negotiate and bond with each other. This is what YPC teaches so seamlessly!   One might think YPC is only about singing, but strong life and professional skills are taught, built and encouraged as the choristers interact at YPC.  YPC creates an incredible foundation for children of all ages and Camp Jewell is one of the most memorable events of the year that impacts and motivates these aspects.

— Christine F., Intermezzo Parent

When I went last year I did not know anyone. I was nervous on the bus but just a few minutes into the ride one of the kids who had been at YPC the year before introduced herself to me. She told me she was in Prelude. From that moment she and I became the best of friends. We played with each other for the whole weekend. She and I were not in the same cabin. So when she and I  met new friends in our cabins those girls became  friends. We love Caitlin in Prelude. She is so much fun. I love the singing that we did at Camp Jewell. Last year my favorite activities  were preparing for the talent show and pretzel making, but this year I am so happy we went canoeing.  That was my favorite. By the end of the first day I had become friends with so many kids. I love Mondays because I get to go to YPC. This year I am in Intermezzo and Maria is the best.   I wish we could go to Camp Jewell with YPC more times a year.

— Cailin P., age 9

I couldn’t wait to join YPC just so that I could go to Camp Jewell!   I auditioned at YPC because I spent an entire year attending all the events and I noticed how much fun the kids were having with each other. At first I didn’t think I’d like it but Maria in Intermezzo pushes everyone to sing. This year I went to Camp Jewell for the first time. It was the best! My favorite activity was canoeing and my second favorite was the scavenger hunt. My team came in third, but it was still so much fun racing. I think YPC chose canoeing as an activity because it forces you to learn how work as a team.  In canoeing you have to learn to coordinate your oars with the other person so that they are moving together to make the canoe move with the direction you want. Its just like singing in Intermezzo. We have to coordinate as a group to create one melody.  I think that’s why YPC made us do canoeing; which is to learn to work as a team. Camp Jewell was the best weekend ever!

— Clyde P., age 11

Going to Camp Jewell was so much fun! The last time I went to camp with YPC, I was in Cantare and didn’t really take up a leadership role. But now that I am in Young Men, I was able to take a more of a leadership role with the younger kids! It was really fun to be able to develop my leadership skills with the kids. It was a lot of fun to make a team cheer and do activities like the scavenger hunt. I know that I had a lot of fun with my team and many other kids that were not on my team! Overall this trip is just a great bonding experience for both new people to the chorus and people who have been in the group for years!

— Johnathan S., age 16

The last time I was at Camp Jewell was when I was in the 9th grade and I looked up to the upperclassmen. Now going back as a senior, it felt so weird because I was now the person that everyone was looking up to. One of the highlights of the trip was doing the low rope course. The fact that our whole entire team made it across the rope by the end with the help of every team member was an amazing experience. Not only that but, we got some amazing inside jokes out of this obstacle course like, “love the ground.” Now every time I see them they remind me to love the ground. Seeing the little kids smile and hug you because we all worked together made me realize I’m a role model to them.

— Kelli C., age 17

What do I have to say about Camp Jewell?  It was very amazing!  It was a great experience to meet new people.  I really enjoyed the talent show because I got to see the young and older performers and their wonderful talents, and I wish the graduates good luck in the future.  Wait there’s more:  I think that everyone worked real hard on the scavenger hunt, and we worked well together.  The last thing that I wanna say is when we had to work together to pull the frame and knock down the cones that was a really hard challenge.

— Akili B., age 9

I really enjoyed Camp Jewell. Just the fact that we had one weekend to bond and create new friends with people I would have never thought to have interacted with before was my joy of going to Camp Jewell. Whether it was creating stronger friendships with the people I had already known, or meeting new people and forging friendships with them, the whole idea of creating new friendships was the highlight of my trip.

— Jahi B., age 13

Going to Camp Jewell is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the lovely surroundings, the natural world around us, and to enjoy such talented children and the dedicated artists who nurture them in so many ways at YPC.

— Christiane B., Prelude and Amani Parent