Bang on a Can!

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The YPC is quickly becoming New York City’s “go to” choir, despite the ages of our choristers. This past Sunday’s performance at the “Bang on a Can” Festival is yet another example. The YPC Concert Chorus sang “Three Heavens and Hells” by the magical composer Meredith Monk, who was also present at the performance. It was wonderful to have Meredith with us where she helped to bring the piece alive for the audience. The new arrangement of this work was premiered by the YPC at the 92nd Street Y, Kaufmann Concert Hall, on April 21st at our Transient Glory VI concert. “Three Heavens and Hells” was also previewed by the YPC’s Radio Chorus on WNYC New York Public Radio’s Soundcheck with Jon Schaefer. The entire Transient Glory concert was broadcasted for WNYC’s American Music Festival 2007 on Tuesday May 29th.

The Bang on a Can festival is dedicated to commissioning, performing, creating, presenting and recording contemporary music. With an ear for the new, the unknown and the unconventional, Bang on a Can strives to expose exciting and innovative music as broadly and accessibly as possible to new audiences worldwide. 26 hours of continual music was performed during the 2 day event. For about ten seconds the crowd was on their feet to give the Concert Chorus a standing ovation. That is definitely our interpretation of performance Heaven.

The YPC would like to thank composer and Bang on a Can founder Michael Gordon for giving us the opportunity to be part of such a groundbreaking musical movement.

If you want to hear the YPC sing “Three Heavens and Hells” by Meredith Monk why don’t you join us this Saturday at our 10th annual Spring Celebration at the 92nd Street Y Kaufmann Audition at 8PM or on one of our many concerts throughout the city until July 9th – please check out the webpage for our calendar.

By the way, if you performed, or was one of the audience members standing at theWorld Financial Center, leave a comment with your interpretation of the event.