Asia Tour 6: Kins and Pey-lights

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Kins and Pey-lights


YPC Asia Tour 2013

Shanghai, China

Hi everyone,

In case you didn’t know, I am the newest member of the YPC Staff, and this is my first tour with YPC. The experience I’ve had so far has been everything from exhilarating to challenging.

Prior to our tour, we had three weeks of intense music and dance rehearsals in New York. It is now the ninth day of the tour and we are still rehearsing with the same vigor. We’ve had three concerts already!

Every evening after room checks are done (normally after 11 p.m.), we unpack and repack the production suitcases which are normally filled with spike tape, YPC CDs, YPC Pins and Key-lights (or Kins and Pey-lights as Lindsay and I have been calling them since packing in New York – we kept on getting the names confused while trying the fit them all around the 22 suitcases we had!).

It has been wonderful to see the YPC team grow over the course of these nine days. Carrying a load of suitcases and instruments to a concert is not an easy task when done alone or with just YPC staff members. Thankfully, the load has been distributed across all of YPC, and the staff and choristers consistently work together to carry the large load on and off buses and conveyer belts.

The sense of community within the tour is incredible. The choristers are all taking care of each other, and assuming leadership roles. It has been truly incredible to see every one grow and develop during these few days.

It has been a joy to join the team this year, and look forward to much more!

Keep posted as we keep experiencing some of the Chinese and Japanese culture.

All my best,

Maria Peña
Artistic Assistant