A New Rehearsal Space?

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YPC is in final preparations for their last competition today at 3:15 p.m. Llangollen time (10:15 EST!) and were fortunate to find some generous Welsh people who loaned us their parking lot for a few hours to rehearse! The final competition is the Folk Showcase, and will be a combination of dancing and singing, all choreographed by Jacqueline Bird. The other groups in the categories are both choruses and folk dance ensembles, and it will be interesting to see what the other competition is like. Be sure to tune in to Llangollen t.v. to watch YPC live about 10:15 a.m. EST!

Friends. We are just completely surrounded by amazing new friends. We seem to be popular among the numerous amounts of choirs, who have all been so wonderful to know and meet. It was Vera’s idea (just wanted to let people know), we created a HUGE game of “Run Run Run My Baby” and at least 40 people came, made up of mostly kids from different choirs. They seemed to love the game and we overheard them dancing to it around the rest of the festival. Jamie even heard them translate it into Welsh! We love saying hi and high-fiving all the little kids from around the world as we walk through the beautiful and exciting streets of Llangollen.

– Erin

Wales is a ton of fun. Yesterday, we started a big game of “Run Run Run My Baby.” We got people from like, 4 other countries and later that day, Jamie saw some kids playing in WELSH! All those kids always say that they love “The New Yorkers!” Those little kids are amazing and fun to talk to. Also, The British School of Amsterdam were so nice to us! They even gave us their school mascot! Elizabeth asked them why they gave it to us and they said, “Because you are the best!” Overall, the trip has been extremely fun and I have had a blast!

– Greg