A Decade of Dreams: Save the Children

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On September 6, 2007, the Young People’s Chorus of New York City performed at the 75th Anniversary Benefit for Save the Children. There was much excitement as five of our young choristers from the Cantare Division had the privilege of escorting former President Bill Clinton, former President George Bush, Sr., and Melinda Gates to the stage as they were honored throughout the night.

It was a tremendous opportunity for the children to meet these high-profile people throughout the night. One chorister, Stephan, exclaimed, “I’m never washing this shirt again!” after Samuel L. Jackson greeted him backstage with a pat on the back.

The Young People’s Chorus was introduced at the end of the evening by Samuel L. Jackson, and as he announced the choristers, he was met with overwhelming applause as audience members immediately clapped in recognition. A special arrangement of Jim Papoulis’ “Give Us Hope” was prepared for the grand finale of the event, with Jim Papoulis himself playing the piano, and featuring the incredible solo voice of Tony-Award-Winner Idina Menzel. The choristers were thrilled as Idina Menzel smiled, sang, and hugged them on stage.

– Sophia Miller, Assistant Conductor