A Decade of Dreams: New Season Begins

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This past week at YPC we had our Annual Voice Camp. It was a very fun and unique experience.We learned many new vocal exercises and many new ways of how to control our breath while singing. Not only did we have a blast but we also had AMAZING teachers.

There was Andrea (a professor at Lee University) who flew all the way from Tennessee just to work with us. She is one of the best vocal teachers/coaches I have ever worked with, even though it has not been many, and I enjoyed working with her. There was also Jackie who is an amazing dancer/choreographer. She is very passionate about her work and I think it is always an honor to work with her.

Voice camp was also a great time to get to know new member of the chorus, and to associate with new people and expand your horizons. During camp I also learned many new things about myself. I was able to hit a note I was not capable of hitting without a breath technique that we were taught. It was an experience of a lifetime, and at the end of it I kept wishing camp was longer because it was so much fun!

During voice camp I also made a brand-new friend that is now one of my best. After camp was over, I became excited for the up and coming year because it showed that we are now prepared and ready to take on any challenging music and concerts.

-Jeffri Peralta, Young Men Division