Samba School

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Hey, guys!  Nick here on my first YPC International trip!!  Today was our first full day in Brazil, South America and boy was it an amazing start.  We spent most of the day at the local Samba School.  It was amazing to see the incredible talent and culture Brazil has to show.  We had a chance to meet the other choirs traveling with us from Toronto and Calgary, along with the locals at the school.  The students’ event taught us how to play Samba rhythms on the percussion instruments and how to dance the Samba!  The children in Brazil were very kind and welcoming to us.  It’s amazing to see a foreign country like Brazil in action; its almost like living in a different world compared to the U.S.  When we went to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, the breath-taking sights blew me away, and then it hit me: “Wow, we’re in South America here to perform and experience such an amazing culture.”  I’m so glad this trip is off to such a great start, and I’m excited for what’s to come!!

– Nick, Young Men’s Chorus

Today we watched the Samba School perform and really enjoyed interacting with the kids. They even tried to teach us how to Samba!  We had a great time, and found ways to work around the language barrier. After, we took a cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain and got our share of sightseeing! Were all excited to see more of Brazil!

– Tohar, Concert Chorus