2012 Spring Concert Round Up!

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Intermezzo Division

Beginning the program with Sophia Miller, conducted the energetic voices singing from Songs of the Season.  How appropriate as the 2011-2012 Season has been filled with so many magical experiences.  They closed their set with Johnson Boys including Jacquie Bird’s amazing choreography.

Cantare Division

Francisco J. Nunez conducted Cantare on behalf of Elizabeth Nunez, who was home with their new little girl, Sabrina Kate.  They began their set with an exquisite performance of Richard Strauss’s An der Schonn Blauen Donauaccompanied by the incomparable YPC pianist Jon Holden.

The also sang the last movement of A Child’s War by Derek Bermel who recently joined them In Sweden.  This April, Adolf Fredrick Music School, YPC performed a Swedish folk song.  Cantare surprised the audience by literally flying off stage to close the set after singing Come Fly with Me. Fantastic!

Prelude Division

The Prelude Division always cute and adorable is led by Assistant Conductor, Sophia Miller.  The adorable boys and girls sang a sophisticated arrangement of Mozart’s The Star.  Read some of the lyrics below:

Scintillate Scintillate globule orifice

Fain would I fathom thy nature’s specific

Loftily poised in either capacious

Strongly resembling a gem carbonaceous

Suppertime song had so much on the platter, it makes you want dessert!

Amani & Young Men Division

Listening to the Young Men’s performance has a powerful impact on the entire audience.  The strong bass complements the percussion.

This is Amani’s debut performance of the Noble Son and is conducted by YPC’s newest addition, Sheldon Ogbourne.  Ride the Chariot was comprised of both Young Men & Amani divisions conducted by Johnny Rabe, which featured solos by Stephen Douglas-Allen and in one of their final YPC performances graduating choristers Blaize Adam and Nathaniel Sabat. Boo hoo….

Concert Chorus

The Concert choristers reprised a performance of Aaron Siegel’s The Light Come Down with special guests Mantra Percussion, which YPC recently premiered in Brooklyn Heights.  Aaron Siegel explained his piece to the audience. The Light Come Down is such an inspirational piece with rhythmic beats and whimsical voices to carry you to another state of mind.

Chorale Division

I himmelen (In Heaven’s Hall) piece had choristers in sync all over the hall; it was magnificent.  The voices sound like trumpets and flutes sounding off for a joyous finale!  Incredible!

Francisco also introduced Eric Gamalinda a world-renowned poet, writer and playwright.  Mr. Gamalinda discusses his poem Forever is My Song that was the inspiration for the YPC song by the same title.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Blaize Adam

Corey Black

Chloe Bodden

Kieran Coyne

Victoria Creary

Nia Drummond

Alexander Grant

Christopher Hall

Rosa Loveszy

Christina Lu

James Nash

Nathaniel Sabat

Dianne Vasquez

Andrew Vogel

Samuel White

Joint is Jumpin’ is the final song that made everyone jump for more!

A huge thanks to all of the YPC staff, 92nd Street Staff, YPC Volunteers, and all choristers for another great season!