More Adventures in Guangzhou!

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Here I (Nick) am in Guangzhou!

Greetings from Guangzhou, China! This is Nick here to report on the 2012 YPC China Tour. So far it has been a crazy, yet exciting trip to this amazing country. China is full of three extravagant things: architecture, ancient culture, and very interesting food. All have captivated me equally. The people here, although they speak a completely different language from us, are very hospitable and are making China even more pleasant. The foods here are definitely something else, and very good! Being Chinese myself, it’s truly amazing to be fully immersed in my culture. When visiting the Buddhist Temple I truly felt in touch with Chinese culture and practices. This trip is opening my eyes to so many new and wonderful ideas and it’s only day three! I feel nothing but grateful and blessed to be here with YPC and I cannot wait for what else is to come!

–       Nick

Sights in the Buddhist Temple

Soaking up the sights of Guangzhou!

This is my fourth international trip with YPC and it’s always amazing to travel the world and experience so many new things while doing what I love. So far we’ve visited a temple, the market, an island and finished the day on a boat cruise where we got to see the bright city of Guangzhou! It was fun to try out the Chinese language we’ve learned so far and experience a new culture. We saw a man carrying at least 20 boxes taped together, on a stick on his shoulders. l prayed in a Buddhist temple and experienced an entirely different religion – I joined Chinese ladies as they danced to traditional music in the park too. I made new friends and it’s great to connect through music. I knelt down to let a child play with my hair and the amazement in her eyes was unforgettable. So far it’s been an amazing trip and I’m so honored to be singing Beautiful Dreamer in the Guangzhou Opera House. You can feel the excitement in the air and after weeks of LONG rehearsals…HERE WE GO!

–           Monica 

Some things remain the same!

Architecture in Guangzhou!

Guangzhou Opera House

Rehearsing for our first performance!