Dear YPC…

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This was my first summer tour with the Concert Chorus and I’m thrilled to say it will not be my last. I came into the chorus judging people from things I have heard. The entire year I treated people according to rumors. I realized that was the most ridiculous thing anyone could ever think.

Tonight I recognized how each and everyone of the seniors and choristers are exceptional in their own way. All this time I excluded them from what I considered my circle and I am now ashamed of it. Tonight I recognized everyone’s true colors were revealed, or at least this was the first time I accepted it.

I advise all choristers to interact with people they usually would not. My advice is to not wait for the last minute, like I did, to meet new people because they can be gone the next day. I love the YPC Seniors ’07 and wish them the best in life. Now I can officially say I knew you guys. You are all amazing. You will be missed. I love you.

Nikaury Roman, Concert Chorus (Soprano 2)